L'Éterlou french Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal

Welcome to the official website of L'Éterlou


Created in autumn 2011 by Sir L'Éterlou, L'Éterlou is a french Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal solo project. A demo is available as a free download. In Spetembre, 2014, another demo is available on Bandcamp.


Last released

 Nebligen Landschaft



Vinterriket, Lustre, Burzum,  Dead Crown, Nature, Inner thoughts


Other projetcs

Apart L'Éterlou I have several ideas for musical projects. 

I'm creating a Doom Metal band with a female singer and a guitarist. We are influenced by My Dying Bride and Draconian. We are writing music. So, i say nothing more.

Very influenced by cosmos and space, so I have the intention to create a Space Black Metal band.

In third, i want to create a New-Age project influenced by Kitaro, Era and Enigma.

Other projects will may come.

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